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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 3, 2011 7:00am-10:00am PDT

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about 2pm to the eninsula we have a cold front pushing through. we could have pop up showers even into san jose. more showers off of the shoreline. a chance of
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showers thorugh saturday and sunday.
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on the peninsula near the
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exit for the ballpark an accident is blocking the two left lanes. lanes have reopened outhbound 101 but still heavy on lakeville. >>george: the san mateo bridge ride is pretty light
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because of the traffic held up in northern iran. let's get a check on the weather with james fletcher. >>james: here is a live look at the bay bridge approach. the sun is beginning to try to make an appearance. we can obviously see things getting brighter. it is cold as well. take a look at the maps. mid-upper '30's in some parts of the north bay. nevada at 39. some of the north bay valleys are near freezing. 49 currently in san jose. a chilly start to this thursday morning.
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the rain is headed our way slowly but surely. between 10:00 a.m. and noon, will see the cold front in the north bay and then slide to the south. it will keep pushing through as we head towards the evening commute. by 6:00 p.m. we will hopefully be in the clear. even by 9:00 p.m., the san jose area could be dealing with life-moderate rain. we also have the possibility of lightning and thunder. hail is a possibility as always. temperatures will be chilly
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in a matter where you are. here is your 7 day around the bay. cold, wet weather a weekend.--cold, wet weather all weekend long. >>darya: we are back with more in a couple of minutes. here is a live look from the roof on van ness avenue in san francisco. clear skies. we do have changes on the way. we will be right back.
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>>darya: and at risk teenager is missing this morning last seen with a wanted felon. shall the eris was reported missing on halloween. she went to school but never returned home. this is a photo of
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her and the man police believe she is with. they could be driving a late 1990's model black honda civic. it is unknown if she is with the man voluntarily or against her will. >>mark: bryan stowe was attacked at dodger stadium on opening day in march. his family announced that he wrote his name for the first time since the attack. here is a picture that his family shared honest his website. they say the picture speaks volumes. last month, he was moved to a rehabilitation center after spending five months at 7 this is good general. luis sanchez and marvin norwood are charged in connection with the attack on bryan stowe. a preliminary hearing is scheduled for 8:00 a.m.. the two were arrested by los angeles police.
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>>mark: there is a six coming from apple. the company says that programs could be running in the background that are draining the battery life. apple expected to announce a sixth to the software the occupy oakland protesters are once again causing a work stoppage. in this case trucks cannot get through.
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third >>george: big changes in the traffic department. we are looking at multiple hot spots around the bay area. one of the worst is developing here in san francisco. an emergency guardrail work here. it is likely that the guard rail damage that was done in the last weeks of overtime to the big rig accident, remember there was a vehicle fire with a truck on its side? the truck that overturned damaged the guard rail and a large section of this is missing. traffic is backed off to the upper deck of the bay bridge. look at
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how slowly the cars are moving. traffic is backed up to yerba buena island from the san francisco anchorage. it is likely to be slow the rest of the ride as well. this is the traffic coming off of the upper deck of the bay bridge. it is slow and all lanes. if a guard rail was damaged here. that is where they will likely be doing repair work. it was also reported that this is taking place around ninth street. let's take a look at the nimitz freeway. an accident clear from the lanes, is backed up north of to 38. the lanes are open.
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there are two ways reported blocked on 101 southbound at candlestick point. that is backing up traffic into the city as well. there was an earlier occurring problem in marin county that forced the closure of two lanes southbound at 37 that left traffic solidly backed up into petaluma. that could continue to back up further north toward santa rosa and runner to fourth. third all of the lanes are open.
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teargas just after midnight when the situation began to escalate. they got control of the situation in the things calmed. the port of oakland and the they have been camped there all night. the entrance to the court is supposed to be opening. craig skalar is live right now at third and
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adeline. >>craig: the port has been shut down all morning. there is a chain-link fence. you can see trucks going by, they are forced to the left or to the right. there are other entry points that are blocked as well. we want to show you something from earlier. third fan
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>>craig: this is such a large ports. they do know that it cannot be shut down indefinitely. >>mark: the fifth busiest port in the nation shutdown by occupy protesters. >>darya: will transfer is in a downtown oakland. he will be taking a look throughout the morning. from yesterday morning into today, mostly what we see is a lot of cleanup in downtown as protesters squirreled graffiti and broke windows. >>will: a lot of protesters, they are the ones doing the cleaning. it has been very busy over night. here is one location, the central building. this sign says,
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this is for the hearts still beating. >>darya: we lost that shot. we are continuing to follow the story from the newsroom with aircraft. >>erica: we posted some of the pictures that you showed on our facebook fan page. we have set up several of funds. a lot of people are flooding our cages with comments. many of them are upset with what happened yesterday. here is what one person said.
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>>erica: here is what elizabeth said. we are getting hundreds of comments on our facebook fan page. if you would like to participate, check us out. the kron4 morning news will be right back.
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>>james: 7:40 a.m., let's get a could check on whether. here is a live look out of san jose. some clouds are beginning to build up. nothing intends just yet. the heaviest is to the north. let's take a quick look at temperatures. at this point, that is the story. even in the east bay in the south bay, temperatures in the upper '40's and low 50s. later on,
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get ready for the rain. here is a live look from storm tracker 4. it is still to the north. the clouds are already over santa rosa. it should arrive by the 10:00 a.m. hour. watch as we advance the clock to noon. the cold front is centered over the north bay. we are expecting heavy rain. that will continue to progress over the bulk of the bay area. we still have a more instability that will be with us all evening long. overnight we will have popped up showers into tomorrow morning.
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temperatures this afternoon are on the cold side. 60s in the east bay and south bay and along the peninsula. colder in the north bay. the cold air will really be plaguing those in the north bay. although the showers should dissipate, the cold air will be with us. overnight friday and saturday morning, a good chance of seeing frost bay area wide. near freezing with clear skies on saturday. >>erica: as look at the approach of the bay bridge, a steady back up. right now
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we have problems in san francisco with the metering lights. the deal times offices--the drive time is running at about 26 minutes. on the san mateo bridge, eastbound 92, we had an earlier accident at a high-rise that blocks all of the leaves. it is now clear. westbound 92 is a bit heavy. at the golden gate bridge, southbound 101, heavy on the deck. no accidents to report as you make your way to san francisco. in the south bay, northbound 101, within just the past couple of minutes i have seen a bit of a slowdown a perching downtown. there is a backup of the '87 interchanged. there are no major accidents to record. this speeds are at about 40 mi. per hour. the time right now is 7:43 a.m., the kron4 morning news will be right back.
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>>darya: and all of my research, i have finally found the article for me. it is called alabama vs. lsu for dummies. i love the excellence of. >>gary: it does not matter if you're any good of the year. do your research. >>darya: only not to realize the magnitude of this game. it is like the super bowl of college football. >>gary: there is one on every year. i do not need to get so cavalier or blase, i did not want to defeat your enthusiasm, there is one at dawn here every year. a each time they will say, this is the game of the century. the first one was 1967, michigan state vs. notre dame. both teams were undefeated. since then, it is on a yearly
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basis. >>darya: do you see people camped out for tickets? people want to get into this game. >>gary: you are paying for college in your kid is missing class is to go to a game? >>darya: they keep saying alabama has a great players and the heisman died trapped richest and, but i like the alabama player named derek jones. this guy is 6 ft. 5 in., over 300 lbs., this is my kind of football player. fancy plays the violin. he has raised. he got his bachelor's in three years and now is going for his masters. isn't that neat? >>gary: there are so many myths of this is players.
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baseball players play every day. your wrapping your crotch and spitting.--you are grabbing your crotch and is bidding. professional football players are interesting guys. baseball guys are the worst to deal with. >>darya: that is good to know. years. it is my super our belt. clothes every day. >>darya: we were talking to mark keeping yesterday, they have mentioned some former oakland a's people involved with the dodgers. not just
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hirsch eyes are, they brought up the the blue walls. is that even possible for them to be an investment group? can you have two teams? >>gary: i do not think so. >>darya: they were talking about that into the o'malley family the east of them. >>gary: this is one of the most storied franchise is in all of sports. yankees #one and the doctors would be second.
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>>darya: this home team in arkansas feels it is all worth it if that on their first basket, the tradition is you make a basket and the crowd goes wild and the throes of toilet paper. this is an arkansas. john brown university. >>gary: that is harmless fun. >>darya: they have to stop the game against it costs them a free throw. >>gary: that is good, harmless fun. i think that would rather have my sons or toilet paper that have been camped out for a week. just to get a ticket. >>darya: many americans, especially sports viewers do not pay attention to soccer. there is a great header, it
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is a world record at oracle. it was a japanese defender that did it. look at this. that guy was up set! >>gary: if that was earlier or later in the morning, i would be doing. where was that game being held? >>darya: you really do not care. everyone is still talking about football. a fan of the houston texans is so sure that they're going to win the super bowl, they have never been champions, let alone winning the super bowl, the guy got a tattoo
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that they are super bowl champions. >>gary: at the houston texans? >>darya: and he could make this 47 or 48. short of this, what is he going to do? >>gary: is this guy looking for attention or just wanting to root for his team? >>darya: he will have to wear long sleeves shirts if this does not work out. he is not a media hound, does the true fan. i am going to read my alabama vs. lsu for dummies book. >>gary: your make me feel old. your in your ride.-- your in your crime. something is going on. >>darya: thank you. i will work with that.
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since costs if
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>>george: welcome back. emergency road work in san francisco is tying up east bay traffic. this is guardrail prepare on 101 southbound. an overnight accident. this is not the work here from the accident that occurred a week and a half ago where the tanker caught fire, that guardrail opening is still there. for several reasons, said caltrans decided now is the time to make the repairs. traffic is backed up to the upper deck of the bay bridge. the central freeway merge is backing up traffic, jamming all of the approaches. it is slow all the way across the span.
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other hot spots that we continue to track, the right southbound out of san francisco, an accident occurred near candlestick point. it did block to lanes and has been cleared to the shoulder. an earlier occurring problem has traffic jams up from petaluma into nevada. all lanes are now open. the kron4 morning news will be right back.
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>>darya: we are following occupy oakland protest. they did turn very destructive late into the evening after a full day of peaceful protests. you can see the fires were lit. some of the demonstrators clashed with police. after midnight, police say that protesters tried occupy a building. they did use teargas. the police say that they were insulted by rocks, flares, roman candles and bottles.
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fires were lit by the protesters as well. all is calm this morning. we do not have reports of injuries or anything like that. there were dozens of people arrested during the entire protest that lasted from the evening into early this morning. now, in large part, the news is the cleanup. will tran and is in downtown oakland to taking a look at some of the damage. >>will: at least 60 people were arrested after the bulk of the protests took place at the port of oakland. you almost get the sense that this storm is over and now the clean of. the cleanup is be done five protesters but the businesses the to the flooding. they are back at work, disregarding the vandalism. across the
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street, things are even worse. there are a lot of people around here. a lot of people from oakland are saying that the destruction is not done from the people in oakland at least most of the destruction was not done by people from oakland, the people were from out of town. across the street there is a coffee shop. over here as well, look at that. almost everything within the two- three block radius from the epicenter of the encampment was not scared at all. they are saying that things are bad but maybe it is a means to an end. coming up at 8:30
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a.m., i will show you another location that was badly hit. >>darya: originally they were protesting corporate greed, but many individuals are calling after their own causes. what is the next wave? we do not know. >>will: there's no remorse for the people we spoke with. everyone says so what. if it gets us to another
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place in the movement, people is and work for a day or two is a necessary evil. >>darya: there are now grouped in with anti- government groups said everyone else who wants to make a point. sincthe >> you are seeing the same faces out here from before occupy oakland started, now, you have people coming in from different cities vandalizing our city. people are pointing fingers at us like we are the ones doing something wrong in. all we're doing is living in this city. if my sister works at this tilly's coffee
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shop. the window is broken. what is that doing for their business? that is money that they're losing. if they already lost business after going on strike but now it will lose more money to six windows and all of the vandalism and tagging. go to your city and to tear up your city. do not come to oakland turn of our city. we did not like that here if >>darya: is there are still protests that are disrupting businesses in oakland. >>mark: at the port of oakland, a standout is continuing. occupy protesters blocking the entrance to a very busy port. craig skalar is live with the latest. >>craig: they have been here since early in the morning at adeline in the third. here is an overhead view. they're using a chain link fence. at one point the block to the entire engine section. trucks have been turning around all morning. >>mark: apologize, we lost crags. here was the scene
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this morning. look at one of the vehicles trying to force their way through, into the port. they managed to get through but one of the protesters was injured. these are the only vehicles that we have seen getting through. gregg, that was quite a scene this morning with vehicles ramming their way through the blockade. >>craig: let me show you pictures from earlier. there were several that tried to force their way through the chain-link fence. we spoke with one of the protesters who said that they stood in the way, they stood their ground and the the guy turned around. others got through. none of the truck's drive to get through. i was told by a longshoreman that one of them is of course what is going on but he expressed frustration. he did not know what the point of coming to work was. >> they keep ordering us to come to work. that that's as in harm's way. we are ready
8:07 am
to go to work this, we are waiting for them to tell us if it is needed or not. >>craig: port operations are apparently back up and running at 7:00 a.m.. there could be other areas that are open and where people could get through but here at third and adeline, he conceded truck, let's, blocked off as it has been. we have not seen any police . everything is pretty much at a stalemate. >>mark: we have the video to show you as thousands of protesters, an estimated 7000 people marched towards the port. the port has been blocked ever since. on the right-hand side, thousands gathered, many of them left over night. the entrance is still blocked. this >>darya: we want to get a
8:08 am
look at traffic. we have a multiple hot spots. >>george: indeed we do. in san francisco, emergency or real work here on 101 southbound right where interest 80 and into the central freeway joins one of one southbound. there, you can see the caltrans crews. the left-hand lane is called off as far back as before the fifth street off ramp. here's a look at traffic headed west into the city, it is stop and go from the middle of this extension to the fifth street off ramp every means at all clear on the corner. it is also backing up traffic on the bay bridge toll plaza. it is a solid back up into the macarthur maze and around the corner on the berkeley qr. even 880 is backed up to the diamond lane split. this grant is solidly backed up. the drive times are 20-25 minutes and possibly more if
8:09 am
you are coming in from the macarthur maze. this is because caltrans has decided to do an emergency road repair here in san francisco. the left-hand lane is locked during the morning commute. what has to wonder about the wisdom of that decision. we are also attracting major delays into hayward out of oakland southbound towards marina boulevard. in earlier occurring accident adding about 15 minutes your drive times. conditions are a little better for 101 southbound out of this city. an accident at candlestick point now cleared from the lanes. your ride in the north bay is jammed out of petaluma into nevada because of an earlier lane closure that resulted from the emergency road repair that did not get picked up until 7:00 a.m. on 101 southbound. the time is 8:09 a.m., we have a routine traffic coverage, erika will be back with a bridge check in just a little bit. we will be
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right back. a
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>>justine: the white house has been subpoenaed for internal communications connected to solyndra. the pictures behind me are congressman talking behind it. this is video from the hearing that ended in washington d.c.. every republican voted in favor of the subpoena. every democrat voted against it. republican leaders say the subpoena is necessary because the white
8:13 am
house as either denied or delayed requests for thousands of documents related to solyndra. from democrats are saying that this subpoena is premature and politically motivated. the administratoion says it has already handed over thousands of documents. your watching the kron4 news, we will be right back.
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>>george: a very busy day
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for traffic. multiple hot spots, some of the worst traffic here in san francisco that translates into east bay delays because of the bay bridge. emergency road repairs north of the u.s.--ups building. >>george: the inbound central freeway that's up on to the upper deck of the bay bridge. traffic is slow and go, almost stop and go off the upper deck. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza back up that reaches all the way into the macarthur maze. over 25 minutes for
8:17 am
some drive times out of the macarthur maze. you could expect to see delays on 24 westbound leading to the bay bridge. again, this is because of problems in san francisco. that is not our only hotspot. san francisco and interstate 680, the san ramon valley. 680 southbound is jammed up completely leading to danville. the northbound right is backed up to all costa. the crash that stone belly wrote. continued delays into hayward on 80 south.
8:18 am
>>erica: a stalled vehicle has just been cleared from a fastrak league. traffic is not shuffling at the bay bridge toll plaza. at last check, the backup was well into the maze. drive times are now running over 30 minutes from the foot of the maze towards a fremont street. we do have problems in san francisco, certainly be aware of that as well., san mateo bridge, 17 minutes from end to and across the stand. at the golden gate bridge, nothing reported.-- on the san mateo bridge, 17 minutes from one end to the other. >>james: here is a view from the roof camera looking back out at san francisco. topping weather headlines,
8:19 am
it is called with clouds of the increase. clouds are beginning to build in santa rosa. this afternoon the rain is light but it will be bay area wide in spots. be ready for that. get ready for cold temperatures and even snow. cold temperatures in the north bay. it has been that way all morning. 51 degrees in san francisco. upper '40's in just about every location in the east bay and north bay. it is a chilly start out there this morning. it will soon be wet. we have clouds on the satellite you over the north bay with grain not too far behind. we are expecting it to arrive at about 10:00 a.m.. as we close future cast 4 and head towards noon, you'll see the cold front centered solidly
8:20 am
over the north bay. on the backside of that, we have cold air in the pop-up showers through the rest of the evening, overnight and into tomorrow morning. there rain will turn to snow once it gets to the higher elevations. the weather revisory in effect for the western slopes of the sierra. that will be in effect from 5:00 p.m.-5:00 a.m. tomorrow. be ready for intimate whether if you are planning on heading over the past. your 7 day around the bay shows that if the weather is cold with showers here and they're all for the weekend. next week things will get better. >>mark: an update on the
8:21 am
giants fan that was badly beaten outside of dodger stadium on opening day, bryan stowe reached another milestone. his family announced that the 42 year- old was able to write his name for the first time since being attacked seven months >>mark: the two man connected to the attack are in court today with charges of assault ended may him. the two were elected--the two were arrested in july by lapd. >>darya: a teenager is missing this morning and last seen with a wanted felon. shelly harris was reported missing on halloween. she went to school and never returned home. she is from
8:22 am
pleasanton. that is where her family was looking for her. she was actually spotted in concord with the man the see pictured here, get the next eight--gavin mcfate, it is unknown if here is is with the man to voluntarily or ounder force. we will be right
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>>mark: president obama is speaking at the g 20 summit. he says the most important task is to deal with european debt crisis. here was the president this morning greeting the summit host, nicolas sarkozy. the european union has taken four steps towards a comprehensive solution that has details that still need to be worked out.
8:26 am
>>president obama: the most important aspect of our task over the next two days is to resolve the financial crisis here in europe. presidents are cozy has shown extraordinary leadership on this issue. i agree with and that there are some important steps towards a comprehensive solution and that would not have happened without the leadership of nicolas sarkozy, here at 5020, we will have to flush out more of the details about how the plant will be fully and decisively implement it.
8:27 am
and >>george: the metering lights at the bay bridge toll plaza are set to extremely low cycled rate. traffic is solidly backed up, a lane is closed because of caltrans repairs to the safety guards. 24 is backed up and even the nimitz freeway northbound is backing up towards the '80s with. major drive times and we will have more on the kron4 news returns.
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>>darya: our developing story is the occupy oakland overnight. you saw the march, about 7000 demonstrators took part. after midnight, fires were lit, the police did have to put on a great year because they said protesters took over a building. sphere that sign says occupy everything. police had to move in. at times, they did say that they used tear gas and are faced with rocks, romans layers and bottles that were thrown at police. this morning, all is calm as far as downtown. there is a lot of damage remains. protesters are causing some disruption in business today over at the port. >>mark: they marched there yesterday evening and are still there this morning. protesters are blocking the main entrance to the fifth
8:31 am
busiest port in the united states. craig skalar is live watching the scene. he was there when some workers bustle to the barricades this morning. >>craig: that was this morning. things have gone from confrontation to photo ops. everyone is answering questions from the media. here is an aerial view. you can see that there road at adeline on third is blocked. trucks are still turning one way or if the other but there are other options. apparently they are opening the ports, they started at about 7:00 a.m.. earlier this morning, things were much different. workers and perhaps managers were trying to get through and protesters confronted them. that was the ugliest point in the morning. a few of them got through, someone's hand broken when a pickup truck went by. it was an ugly scene at times. one protester said he stood his ground with a drive to go through.
8:32 am
>> how far are people willing to go? >> one trick to try to come through and i leaned on the front of the truck. he stopped. >>craig: i want to stress those were pickup trucks, none of the full tractor- trailer trucks tried to go through. last the longshoremen in as guy told me that there were 42 or at 8:00 a.m. cause and and and and and put the but they say that it will take a date or to to bring the court to back up to speed. it has less impact. protesters are looking to make their point. i have not seen any police. looks like there point is being made. >>mark: this started with a
8:33 am
march to the port of oakland yesterday. yesterday, a call for a general strike that started at frank ogawa plaza. 7000 people marched to the meat import to entrance, shedding things down. all the talk right you can see some of the damage that was done in downtown oakland as businesses were vandalized. at the bottom right, there were two demonstrators hit by a mercedes. they went to a hospital with broken and lower extremities. the victim is in the hospital. the driver was not arrested. the police are taking a hands-off approach. >>erica: we're getting several hundred comments on our facebook fan page. i have been asking viewers if they thought this strike was a success. we have posted some pictures on our facebook fan page. many people are commenting, here is what brent says.
8:34 am
>>erica: here is what gina said. >>erica: there are a lot of heated comments coming in to us. participate on our facebook fan page. if you have any breaking news, videos or pictures, he could be balanced. >>darya: as you--as we continue team coverage, there is a lot of cleanup. well trend shows what needs to be done today and beyond. >>will: we are right in front of the locker. this place was not scared.--this
8:35 am
place was not scared. there is tagging. it looks like even though this is very that the cleanup will have to be done at different times so that they can open and try to make money. >>will: here is a building on broadway, it says, until the last capitalist is hong off, it continues with the message, here's another one that says be free. maybe within a three block radius of the encampment, nothing was steered, at least most things worth it. there is glass on the ground in the damage done by the protesters. apparently the oakland police department is saying that perhaps this was not done by protesters, but anarchists. in the end, 60 people were arrested. further down the street, you concede this part of the
8:36 am
building was also hit. there were no windows shattered. this sign reads oakland, a community, my city. this is probably the most graphic tagged that we saw, kill cops. reporting from oakland, will tran, kron4 news. >>darya: we're going to change gears. >>george: the bay bridge back up costs resulting from emergency road park in downtown san francisco. the james lick freeway. according to caltrans there was an accident overnight. they are doing emergency guard rail work here. for
8:37 am
some reason they are doing work their work now and it has jammed traffic all the way back along the upper deck of the bay bridge and pushing the back up into the bay bridge toll plaza and into the macarthur maze. this backup is the direct result of what is happening in downtown san francisco. the east shore freeway is back of all political the gate fields. 580 is backed up beyond 24 and 880 is back up beyond the diamond lane. here is a look at the upper deck as it heads into san francisco. you can see how slowly the traffic is coming across into the city. that is not our only hot spot. in
8:38 am
new southbound crash at oak park will be adding to the southbound 680 delays for 242 and 680. it was in the north bay that early morning emergency road work because of bad pavement at 37 on a one-on-one southbound, backed up the rights record park. we mentioned major problems of the bay bridge toll plaza. let's take a look at other bridges and talk about alternates. >>erica: the bay bridge is a hot spot. a lot of people may want to consider heading down to the san mateo bridge. there are no accidents or stalls to report. it looks like the commute is dying down with a drive times running 17-80 minutes from end to and across the span. the golden gate bridge is not too bad
8:39 am
of a ride. if your coming down the east shore freeway, you may want to head to the richmond, san rafael bridge. traffic is standing out as you approached the toll plaza this morning. as you come out of nevada, the drive is under 30 minutes. >>james: let's run you through what we see whether wise. a cold front passing over the bay area bringing the rain will not clear until friday afternoon. our coldest temperatures are in the north bay. no bottle warming back into the low 40's. 51 in san francisco, 47 for concord. no matter
8:40 am
where you are, it is a chilly start to the date. it will soon be a wet one. we have a book from the satellite view. we have not only clouds in the north bay, we have rain not too far off. a defined cold front. it was physicians over eureka. it is solely for surely making its way south. the timing looks as though maybe by 10:00 p.m. we will see light rain is just north of santa rosa. by noon it should be over the north bay. by the afternoon it should be over the center part of the bay and clear out in time for the evening commute. see will have your 7 day forecast coming up in a little bit and will talk about the weekend and low of can expect weather wise.
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>>darya: we're waiting for closing arguments in the case against dr. conrad of michael jackson's death? managing care from his attending physician or did he give himself the lethal dose of propofol. clothing arguments are set to star in about 15 minutes.--closing arguments are set to begin in 15 minutes.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
>>darya: we are continuing to hear more about what happened overnight while you were sleeping with the occupy oakland movement. here, you can see protestors in the streets. this is new video, just into the newsroom. after a full day
8:48 am
of peaceful demonstrations, police it did end up having to move and after midnight because the state protesters were throwing rocks, lighting flares and roman candles and a throwing bottles at that. they did have and that using tear gas to clear out a building that the occupy movement was taking over. they said everything was calm and handled by 2:00 a.m.. there were a number of arrests. 50-60 people arrested. the march began early yesterday morning around 8:30 a.m.. a series of marches culminated with the protesting at the port. right now, we have a live interview on the phone. good morning, who am i speaking to? >>caller: i am president of
8:49 am
the oakland police officers association. >>darya: what was the police involvement in the occupied late yesterday as far as your response was? >>caller: there was no direct involvement other than officers were basically paying attention to traffic control. other than that, it was hands off. >>darya: last night, the police did don wright year and moved in. >>caller: i do not know if these people are occupy oakland or different protesters, they took over a building. they started lighting fires. they started throwing things at officers. they had some kind of a grenade launcher or something like that, a homemade device >>darya: when did you get the order to move in? i know
8:50 am
that there has been a huge amount of controversy and confusion with police and a little in their at how the city has been treating the police. >>caller: i was not there last night although i was tracking the situation. i am not sure of when the order was given or how the order was given. at some point, they had to do something to stop what was going on. things you go out there today, he will see the damaged. this is not what should be occurring. >>darya: do you feel like the police are getting a bum rap? you do not want to be blamed for violence or
8:51 am
coming down too hard. caller the vast majority of citizens are happy with us out there. there are some people condemning as and pointing fingers. in reality, we are only trying to protect oakland. we are not part of the establishment. it has turned into some sort of war zone. people downtown into the citizens of oakland are all suffering. >>darya: i appreciate your speaking with us this morning. there were disturbances after a day full of demonstrations thought that started out quite peaceful. find out more by staying to to to kron4 or visit our facebook or web site. >>mark: the dow is back up over 100 points, up 128.
8:52 am
everyone is watching what is happening in greece. now, the prime minister is saying there he is going to back away from a call for a popular vote as to whether or not agree people should approve the european bailout. the dow is up over 1 percent right now. >>mark: it has been a really rough ride on the thursday morning commute. let's get an update. >>george: we are still attracting major delays or san francisco on 101 southbound. that is translating into a huge stack up on the bay bridge toll plaza. 101 southbound, this is north of hostile curve. caltrans is doing some emergency road repair to the guardrail. as a consequence, they have: off the left lane all the way around the corner from six street. that is backing up traffic to the upper deck of the bay bridge. means the metering lights have been slowed to a crawl westbound. traffic is jammed
8:53 am
up to the macarthur maze and all along the east shore freeway. it is backed up to high with 24 and 80 northbound is jammed up as well. it is a real mess. the drive times are over 30 minutes out of the macarthur maze. altered its like this and retail bridge and golden gate bridge looks fine. we are also attracting major delays on 680 southbound out of pleasant hill until walnut creek but continuing into the san ramon valley. because of earlier problems, we are backed up almost into dublin. 680 northbound is a mess. we are still recovering from early morning problems in nevada. we had crumbling in pavement and began emergency road repairs. lanes were shut down on 101 southbound until 7:00 a.m.. the time is 8:53 a.m., we will take a quick break into the kron4 morning
8:54 am
news will be right back. cc1:
8:55 am
8:56 am
8:57 am
>>mark: cold overnight a warning. >>daria: continuing our team coverage live in san francisco vandalism, graffiti cleaning up this morning. our live coverage continues of the occupy oakland movement after this. ♪
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪ >>mark: good morning. >>george: welcome back we have developing news and hotspots. san francisco emergency repair on the 1 0 1 south has translated into a huge bridge backup. this is backed up all the way to octavia street. traffic is stopped and go from all the way back to the macarthur meamaze from the toll plaza with a 25-30 minutes reported from the macarthur race to get to downtown sid francisco. your alternate would be the san francisco bridge which would be a great alternative and saving you time a. that is not our only hot
9:01 am
spot. let us continue to track the 680 through walnut creek through danville. the northbound is still backed up almost to dublin on the 680 northbound. there is unfortunately, no bid alternate route adding at least 20 minutes to your commute time. >> also these continuing marin county delays in windsor oneself pound that is shut down 101 south bound with emergency closures. and marin county. this is likely to remain closed until early this afternoon. ongoing delays persisting. >>mark: we follow the latest of relevance out of oakland with 50 arrests from late last night. a
9:02 am
small group broke away from the protesters and occupied in building at 16th street. the police moved in a around midnight with a tear gragas. at tear-gas the police say that this was necessary with the protesters/anarchist's with 70- 100 at least moving and. they have taken over a small coffee shop. we're continuing to monitor the port of oakland and frank ogawa plaza. >>daria: this is video from earlier today. this fence at one of the entrances would not allow entry into this portion to the
9:03 am
port. craig sklar has been following mess. it seems like the other a entrances are zer on to but also with continued team coverage. >>mark: will tran? >>reporter: a are continuing to clean with these chemical removing agents. if there tried to get back to normal. however, this is not a normal day it is as if a storm is over and they're also trying to clean off of this graffiti. they are going to be busy. with this building, and not only that but the building across the street is tagged with graffiti. cottomuchf these sentences are random.
9:04 am
however, they get the point that they've wanted to make their point across. they did damage. you can see in the encampment they're still out there. we do not know what the next phase is what we do for the businesses. walgreen's was also hit last night by some of these graffiti attackers. the protesters do not speak--they say that the graffiti taggers are not representing the occupy protesters. it has been a very busy morning in oakland. even though businesses are here, opened. employes are slowly getting back to work but still not quite open for the customers because they are busy cleaning inside. the coffee shop suffered
9:05 am
damage with a brick that was thrown to the front window >>daria: 7000 protesters is the estimate towards the port yesterday evening. you can see on the left. on the right, they blocked the trucks in the port of oakland with a very grand, a big showing. a huge showing for that march that was orchestrated by the " occupy oakland. kron 4 facebook fan page >>mark: big changes in bay area weather coming up. >>louisa good morning. from ourf cam in downtown san francisco you can see the high clouds moving ahead of a cold front expected to hit the bay area. you will notice those clouds increasing. with chilly temperatures this morning and
9:06 am
even this afternoon moving from north to the south. temperatures will stay in the 60s. as we go overnight, the showers will continue and cooler weather. temperatures will be in the 30's in the 40's. wright also the door we are making some improvement with the temperatures. at last check right outside the door-fift the along the coast. with downtown san francisco of reporting 51 degrees. live temperatures showing what weather showing wet weather pushing its way southbound. by 11:00 a.m., the green and yellow is indicating the light rainfall approaching santa rosa. it will be moving its way and were by 1:00 p.m. napa and petaluma will be dealing with that wet weather. many areas will need their umbrellas. this eventually
9:07 am
will move through san bruno, redwood city but that green is indicating still light rain. as we go closer towards a 8:00 p.m., just patchy showers here, there near the bay bridge. that yellow is indicating moderate rainfall. we will continue to see overnight showers. a look at your 7 day around the bay you are going to see the pattern for the next several days. temperatures are going to drop into the upper 50s/low 60s for the inland and the bay locations. it will remain in the 50s along the coast. >>mark: we will be right back. we are keeping an eye on wall street. perhaps the country of greece will not go forward with the popular vote to approve the bailout package. with that news? it is impacting the market's positively. we are keeping this in our view
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
9:11 am
this just in to the kron 4 news room closing arguments beginning on the conrad murray case. you can see that the judge has given its final instructions. these are pictures from a los angeles. it is about to start up again. what jersey to figure out was what was ultimately responsible. of what the jurors need to determine. was negligence on the part of dr. conrad murray? or, was it the self administration o dr.michael jacn and self. they are setting up arguments. the judge is giving a final orders to the jurors. for years is what - fodr. conrad murray is facing four years
9:12 am
>>daria: subpoenaed to the countr company has been approve. solyndra received a $28 million loan the before receiving a bankruptcy protection. the administrative has been cooperative and cooperative and 80 pages of documents have been turned over >>mark: the wall street is continuing to be impacted with the decision that greece is not going to go forward with its popular vote. we have also had a number of people drop for the number of unemployment. it was below 400,000 the dow jones is up 120 points. we will be back
9:13 am
with backups including the bay bridge. >>george: is correct, over 20 minutes even 30 minutes out of the macarthur maze. there have been problems in downtown san francisco and emergency road repairs at the south pound of the hospital curve. i will have a complete check, coming up.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>>mark: more developing stories of occupy oakland. a peaceful rally last night turned violent. 50 arrests made with anarchist's joining the movement that occupied a movement and throwing m - 1000's towards police. at that point the police had to use tear gas. the err sof
9:17 am
tear gas, and beanbag bullets was used the use of tear gas on the anarchists/protesters was forced to be administered by the police. 50 arrested. >>daria: this morning, still protesters were blocking the entrance to the port of oakland. isaac is the port director. joining us. >> good morning. >>caller: well, the good news is that the port of oakland of employees have partially been able to return to work. earlier, we have just reach received word that there has been reports
9:18 am
of progress fog on the part of progress--on the part of
9:19 am
>>caller: we are feeling confident and encouraging everybody to return to work. all employes of the port of oakland have been asked to report to normal we have had operations at oakland international airport and jack london square are operating as normal. we are continuing to monitor this very closely. >>daria: what is the port of oakland's authority target of the occupy wall street as the fourth for free protest about them focusing on the port? were you are just working and i was thinking that you are part of the 99%? >>caller: certainly we understand people's frustration. we want to get people back to work. >>daria: isaac kos-read thank you so much. >>mark: a difficult drive fo
9:20 am
george can lead us know where we should be aware of. >>george: emergency guard rail on the 101 south right near hospital curve. that large gaf said it has been left over from one accident about one week ago. according to caltran, that accident last night also prompted the emergency guard rail repair. it is from fifth street towards ninth street on the central freeway. it is jammed! from the upper deck between anchorage and the island. that means stop and go conditions between the macarthur maze and on all the bay bridge approaches. drive times are
9:21 am
over 25-35 minutes for the westbound bay bridge. the rich friend/san rafael, the san mateo bridge and the golden gate all looks good and the richmond/san rafael--alternate looking good. earlier, the emergency road repair was continued at 7:00 a.m. because the pavement was falling apart near 37. 10:30 is also going to start another closing and likely to be closed this afternoon. >> 680 southbound from applause until towards danville there have been a littering of accidents on the northbound, the south of with much slower the conditions than normal conditions. f >> erica: first thing you notice
9:22 am
of there are colder temperatures in the northern counties. 53 degrees is common for oakland and even in redwood city. as we check out for these temperatures will go? this afternoon, we can expect 60s for redwood city. we can expect 57 degrees in half moon bay. we have also seen fifties expected for our forecast this afternoon in san rafael, novado, napa, santa rosa. everybody is talking about to wet weather. and exactly when it will have to neighborhood by neighborhood let the time it out for you. by a 11:00 a.m., the green and yellow indicating wet weather approaching the north bay. as we approach this closer to 1:00 p.m., the no. 3 is also getting a healthy dose. the north safe--also the north bay.
9:23 am
through the peninsula, and oakland with and the interior valleys will see rainfall. we are still indicating light rainfall but as we see 8:00 p.m., just patchy conditions. overnight, lingering weather cells inland. let me tell you that there is a winter weather advisory until 5:00 p.m. on friday. the sierra nevada region on the western slopes conceit 2 in.-4 in.. he could see 2 in.-- could receive 4 in.. with hazardous p--hazardous conditions could persist for highway eat the and 880. >>mark: a three-alarm condominium fires and one person to the hospital. jackie has an update. >>reporter: fire crews are still
9:24 am
out on this scene on this stubborn a three-alarm structure fire. they received this call at 11:30 call atknowlwood road . upon arrival, they discovered one unit was in fully and for in golf flames. the occupant has been taken for minor smoke collation during area hospital. one unit was fully engulfed-- >> in addition, the fire has spread to other condominiums. after the height of the fire 50 firefighters were battling this blaze. it spread into the attic which added difficulty. they will be out here for the remainder of the morning
9:25 am
continuing with cleanup. and san rafael, kron 4. >>daria: 9:24. a quick, live look through a emergency repair on the 101 south pound. we will be back.
9:26 am
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>>mark: welcome back. this is a live look. the cleanup continues in downtown oakland after a late night violence. we will have details and the latest with the port of oakland as the kron 4 morning news, continues.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>>george: welcome back. emergency road of work continues on the 101 south bound. it is the guard rail. is on the north end of hospital curve. it is backed all the way up to the
9:31 am
octavia expressway. for the last several hours, it has jammed the entire highway system through san francisco even impacting the upper deck on the bay bridge. is impacting the bay bridge, the bay bridge toll plaza backed all the way up to the macarthur maze with stop and go conditions. the left lane is closed from the fourth street exit onto that roadwork. it is near the central freeway merge. because of that, we are looking at 20 minutes-30 minutes perhaps more. delays westbound. the alternates could be the golden gate bridge, the san mateo bridge either would be a good choice. also there richmond and a san mateo bridge is not bad. as we continue to continue to watch danville on the 680 between wahwalnut creek. difficult commute. marin county is still behind schedule
9:32 am
from the county line:south. on emergency road work it has still been recovering. also there are going to be two lanes at down at 10:34 more road repair. >>daria: our developing story is occupy oakland. access to the port of oakland has been regained. earlier, this fence was barricaded from the protesters. truck drivers had to get around this by making a u- turns. craig sklar has been there. >>reporter: by 4:00 a.m., protesters blocked adeline and thre--3rd street workers and
9:33 am
managers tried to open the gates but protesters held their ground. this protest her speaks out. >> how far do you think that they're going to go to make their point? >> one person did it try to, through and i just leaned on the front of the truck. and he stopped. >>reporter: by 8:00 a.m. most of that tension ended. more political points that occupy oakland had been made. in oakland, craig sklar, kron 4 news. >>mark: overnight pictures showing anarchist's that occupied a building. it is on 16th street. that is when police moved in. four of these protesters were injured. also, several police officers were injured but they did not require hospitalization. teargas was
9:34 am
used. 50 are wrests from overnight that happened overnight. 50-arrests were made last night. the late night damage from will tran. >>reporter: the protests are all for but the cleanup is already beginning. if this gentleman our tech teaming this because it has been so bad that it has keeping him busy. >> hank. what to do think this morning of our runt the vandalism? >> i could not believe it. i was a peaceful protest last night and when i arrived here, it is unbelievable. >>reporter: what are your thoughts on what happened? >> i think there were people that didn't have anything to do with the protests. they had an looking for an opportunity to
9:35 am
feel to lash out. >>reporter: that is correct these people were not even from oakland to. not even this building, but somebody else will have to also pick up the clean up from down across the air. as you go broadway the foot locker was damaged, the mentor house, there is a rite aid. and also 'smashy'whatever that word means has been used on the the graffiti. the --men's warehouse, dept salso was damaged but they're not completely condemning it. the believe that this is unfortunately, a possibility of a necessary evil.
9:36 am
>>mark: thank you, will tran. >>daria: this is from yesterday that turned out. this was from the march to the port of oakland. this is where they wound up on the left side is the large box this to smaller boxes show you the commotion and the chaos that ensued. also, the arrests that happened later with clashes happening after midnight. the arrests were made with the use of tear gas, broken windows, and fires were set. that is some of the highlights from yesterday. we do know that there was a problem when a driver struck some protesters as the streets were blocked. police were not quite controlling that situation the only decided to move in earlier this morning when the protesters took over a building on 16th street. >>mark: we're going to keep an
9:37 am
eye on the weather with erica. if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, email at evidence of by clouds >>erica: evidence of the high clouds are showing you that the word " front is going to close temperatures into the range of the 60s. we do expect clearing as we go towards friday but we certainly have to get through that wet weather, first. the stormtracker is tracking currently that green on your screen it to the north hoff ukiah, of dashed green and yellw showing this north bay region will possibly be imported.
9:38 am
certainly, your gordon need your umbrella. as this presses south, oakland and san bruno also experience a light rainfall and--needing your umbrella. lingering showers until tomorrow. expected. this wet weather is also stretching in to friday, saturday, sunday with colder temperatures. take a look of the inland and the below patients are struggling to get out of the 50s. 9:38 we will be back so stay with usus. [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road.
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>>mark: latest attempt for increasing revenue have tried 20 different fare hikes this year. one half have been rolled back because some of the airline's did not go along with the other airlines increases. >>daria: apple is admitting
9:43 am
there is a problem with the battery life of the new iphone 4 s. the software shared by the iphone, and the ipad. and a lower-than-expected battery like. and devices that work on deaf i o s 5 operating systems working on the debt - i o s 5. other gadgets from apple can be updated with the new software that will help with the battery problem. this just in to the kron 4 news room is claiming that it is owning one half of facebook. he is being ordered to go back to new-york. jack seglia believe is in possession
9:44 am
of a flash drive. facebook officials believe that family
9:45 am
left by---please pardon me delay. >> i think the the delay. >> this laser will follow you in a three-dimensional pattern even if you move. it is for a user- friendly. i have done quite a few procedures. >> 55,000 ford >
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9:47 am
>>george: welcome back. emergency road repair is being operated on the guard rail. caltran has been working on this for the past several hours. they have taken precautions to repair this now. because of this, there have been lanes roped off. as we take a look at these the bridge area, the macarthur maze is already packed up. it is impacting drivers all the way 288 is 0. sometimes up to 30
9:48 am
minutes or more. the san mateo bridge, the golden gate are both great alternate choices. other hot spots that we have been tracking. the 680 is finally clearing out a bit. the san ramon valley is only slow south from walnut creek towards a kindle danville. big improvement between danville. and concord, southbound is no longer delayed or a hot spot getting towards walnut creek. there are no problems just slow, south of 37 in marin county with a lane closures throughout the day. it will begin at 10:30 between dolong and u s 37 there was emergency repair work that had to be done. >>daria: our developing story
9:49 am
has been in oakland with the occupy movement. we continue to get a new video from happened overnight. thousands of protesters were marketing at the port of oakland. this, however turned t destructive. with protesters--man making their way towards oakland to but also took over a building and 16th st. the police had to resort to using tear gas. vandals were also reported of vandalizing businesses, and using molotov cocktails, and using large pieces of concrete and rocks what projectiles.
9:50 am
>> earlier, we spoke with the oakland police officers about the clashes between protesters and the officers. this is what he had to say. >> i think the vast majority of people are happy that we are out there. the reality is that all we're trying to do is protect oakland. we are not part of the establishment. now, it is becoming part of a war zone. the citizens of oakland have all suffered. and the businesses have also suffered from the occupy movement. with continued coverage kron 4 facebook fan page if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, email at >>erica: 3:00 p.m., half moon bay will see 57 degrees. 65 degrees in redwood city and
9:51 am
antioch is also going to see some cool response this afternoon. 57 degrees in santa rosa. i lot of people are going to wonder when the wet weather will impact that bay area. the futurecast by 11:00 a.m. is indicating what weather approaching the north bay. closer towards 1:00 p.m. petaluma and santa rosa will be impacted with that rainfall. by 3:00 p.m., it will push over to the heart of the bay area. this will continue to show continued wet weather through 8:00 p.m. lingering even overnight. as we see rainfall to the bay area that is also snowfall in the sierras. this is prompting a winter weather advisory until 5:00 a.m. on friday. we could
9:52 am
experience light/moderate with wind speeds up to 50 m.p.h. rainfall and the forecast not only for today but friday and to the weekend. showers are likely with temperatures in the 50s and 60s for the inland in the bay locations. the coast will stay in the mid-50s. >>mark: details on what is happening in greece. the uprising minister has scrapped plans from the prime minister. if the opposition leader is not going to resign off. we will follow the latest that papandrea will not take the deal of bail
9:53 am
out from the european union. >> the president of france fat, sarkozy tried to advise crease the french presid, sarkozy, reportedly had then encouraging the authorities and political figures increased to comply and take the bail out offered by the european union. >> herman cain facing another political smear with a third
9:54 am
victim coming forward. we will be back. @p@po' [ male announcer ] you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity.
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9:57 am
>>daria: a look at your 7 day around the bay major changes with cooler temperatures and the chance of rain rolling and. it is going to overlap into the weekend. showers coming up for the weekend. to plan your weekend? maybe a great weekend to take in a movie. >>mark: a great idea. our occupy oakland movement coverage continues on line. kron 4 facebook fan page >>daria: join us tomorrow starting at 5:00 a.m. we hope they will stay with us. ♪ >>mark: dr. phil is next. ♪
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